Lost And Found Band

Everlastin' Alright (vinyl)

$ 35.00

This is the very first album we did together, long before we became an official band, and long before the name Lost And Found reared its head.

Recorded in 1982, released on vinyl, includes original versions of some songs we have since re-released, and some songs which are only found here.  VERY limited number of copies left . . . as in, about a dozen.

Tracks Include:

  • Did You Ever Wonder
  • Good Luck
  • The Merriest Christmas of All
  • Materialistic Melody
  • Too Blind to See
  • Skin Disease
  • You Can See Jesus
  • Everlasting Alright
  • Alexander Wesleyfolk
  • Nice to Know You Know
  • He's A Friend

ONLY on vinyl.  VERY FEW copies remaining.  And NOT for the faint of heart.  :-)



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