Lost And Found Band

Something Different (2002)

$ 10.00

We couldn't use the name Something again.  So we had to call this one Something Different.  Plus, there's something different about this CD because we do each song twice: once by ourselves, and once with a whole band.  Truly Something Different!  Released in 2002, includes the tracks:

  1. Remember
  2. Can't Take Away
  3. No Matter
  4. Elijah
  5. Saskatchewan
  6. Raise Him Up
  7. Your Memory
  8. Multiply
  9. Everybody Matters
  10. Remember (electric version)
  11. Can't Take Away (electric version)
  12. No Matter (electric version)
  13. Elijah (electric version)
  14. Saskatchewan (electric version)
  15. Raise Him Up (electric version)
  16. Your Memory (electric version)
  17. Multiply (electric version)
  18. Everybody Matters (electric version)
  19. hidden track: Multiply (bluegrass version) video of that recording HERE.


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