Lost And Found Band

Double Live! (2012)

$ 10.00 was $ 15.00

Lost And Found Comes Alive!

Obviously, with a title like that, this is a double live album.

Full concert experience, recorded over several nights in as tour through the Midwest.

LOST AND FOUND Comes Alive is the double live CD that captures a live concert on discs. Along with 22 songs, there are stories, jokes, insights about the songs, and all the general fun that marks a concert by Michael and George.

At a live LOST AND FOUND concert, a gathering of strangers becomes a group of friends, and one thing is clear from the stage -- the music of faith is fun! The double live CD will remind you of the unique experience that is a LOST AND FOUND concert.

Here are the songs the CD includes:

Be Not Afraid

Dry Bones,

New Creation

How Can You

Can't Take Away


Used To Be

I Liked You More

Must Be

Try Again

Stand Up And Fight

Hearts On Fire




The Church's One Foundation

Now Let Us Dance

As You Go




Raise Him Up


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